Top Ten Brothels Around the World Welcome to our saucy compilation of the Top Ten Brothels Around the World. Here you will find the harems of the modern man, if you like; the place where the connoisseur of female flesh shops. These exclusive establishments are home to the oldest profession in the world, accounting and making money. Here in Istanbul, we have a very fine sex industry, bursting at the seams with juicy pussy. There are girls and boys, ripe for the plucking, and sucking like plums. Did you know that dried plums become prunes and that my website are very good for keeping you regular? Anyway on with the show…

Top Ten Brothels Around the World

At numero uno is The Big Sister in Prague. Generally, most of us leave our big sisters alone in the bedroom department, unless, of course, we are an especially close family. At this joint in the Czech Republic, the sex is free, that’s right you don’t have to pay to have sex with the girls working as prostitutes here. Wait a minute, if they are not being paid by the customer to have sex, are they even prostitutes? What happens is that the folks at Big Sister secretly film you having sex and then beam it out to the world via cable TV. So this is more akin to reality TV really. Are you up to the task? Does your equipment measure up on the big screen?

Number Two is Nana in Bangkok, where you can hang out with Thai hookers in 40 bars over four floors. Officially called the Nana Entertainment Plaza, you negotiate with the girls directly and then get down at the Rock Hard, G-Spot and Lollipop.

Three is the Relax Nightclub in Hamburg, Germany, where amid lavish décor you can swan about pretending you’re at a masquerade ball. Erotic and classical, rather than fist pumpingly brutal.

Quattro is The Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada in the good ole USA. This is a spread, as they say around here, with lots of girls in trailer homes. White trash heaven, I suppose.

Five on the Richter Scale is Tiffany’s in dating lesson plans esl, Australia, where the seriously wealthy like to go to sow their wild oats. Five terraces situated in the countryside offering a huge selection of women from all corners of the globe.

Sexy six is Centaurus in Rio, Brazil. An Olympic like appetite can be satisfied at this temple of voluptuous creatures. Here tall, tanned beauties strut their stuff and perform feats of unimagined gymnastic gyrations.

Seven is another Aussie hot establishment, personal statement for college applications in Sydney. Cool and chic with some seriously stunning girls on their roster.

Eight is Canis, Alsace, France, where doggie style is the order of the day. Everyone here gets around on four legs, sans hands and feet and doesn’t wash much. So if smelly sex is your thing, then the pits and groins here smell to high heaven.

Nine is FKK Oase in Frankfurt, which is located in a forest and features Greco-Roman architecture and interiors. Classical sex in a classical locale.

Ten is the Bernds Sauna Club, Schieferhof, tramadol reactions and this place makes a bit of splash in more ways than one. Recommended in summer for some fine crack and slit.



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Social Media for Escorts: Twitter and Tumblr Are the Best

It seems that Twitter and Tumblr are ideal social media platforms for sex workers and escorts. A brief message and a photo is all that the libido needs to respond to what turns it on. Directory sites all over the world have embraced Twitter like My Playmate in Australia which also has a presence on Facebook and Instagram, amazingly they are extremely popular both with escorts and punters as hookup apps and the internet are changing sex work and enabling sex workers to be more independent. The fact that all these social media platforms are embraced by children most of all, right around the world, is an ongoing challenge for parents and authorities. In the liberal democracies of the Western World, which Turkey used to be a part of anyway (lol), these dichotomies must be allowed to occur.

Social Media for Escorts: Twitter and Tumblr Are the Best

The management of escorts on social media is looking more and more professional every day. Some stunning images from pages in Europe provide examples of stiffening interest in the medium. Those who indulge in commercial sex must be enjoying the digital smorgasbord more than a trip to Miss Mauds. Turkey seems to be home to a large and sophisticated market for escorts of all persuasions. Perhaps it is a hangover from the Caliphs and their harems; the Muslims ban alcohol, but believe in the buying and selling of women. Istanbul is the pleasure house of Europe, although ISIS and the attempted coup against Erdogan has made a trip there a riskier proposition. Social media shows off the beauties of this ancient land with modern efficiency.

Indeed looking again to the New World and places like Australia and America where there is a sizable population of Turkish migrants. Stimulating images and provocative text combine with communicability to deliver stunning results for working girls and boys right around these countries. The internet and smart phones must have increased the amount of business that the commercial sex industry is doing; supply usually meets demand. The relative anonymity that these mediums provide to their users makes being an escort a much more attractive occupation than being a sex worker in Turkey itself. The money has always been good, but now the means to promote yourself through social media makes it a highly profitable and containable career.

Examples of these pages can show the great use and clever application of images and text to provoke responses in their audience. Some would say that it is hard to resist the idea of exploring these digital avenues toward potential pleasures. In the old days we used to talk about fingering girls at school and now that fingering is much gentler with a touch screen; but the choice is so much wider. As social media companies know escorts on social media offer a delicious and diverse menu of women from just about everywhere.


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Bringing Turkish Delight Escorts To All Of Europe

We now offer a service to fly in our Turkish escorts to men with this persuasive preference living all across Europe. We had a little bit of trouble with ISIS and so now offer this home delivery service. We now bestest escorts agency in all of European Union, that’s for sure. If you are Turkish and want a touch of home, to speak your own language’s words of love and be understood, we can have a home-grown girl, or boy, at your doorstep within 24 hours. You love the Turkish pide too? She bring as well and together you can reheat. Bringing Turkish delight escorts to all of Europe is our duty and pleasure.

Or, if you have a preference for our delightful divas, because you tried them before when last visiting Turkey, email us and we will send you the lady of your choice. Or, if you have taken picture on your phone, SMS to us with image attached. Is not technology wonderful? Special friends with special smiles make much happiness wherever they go. If you like the dark chocolate we have girls like this too. There kadins are aching for the sweet milk of your nuts. Dip your spicy pide in the creamy yogurt and taste the distinctive Turkish difference.

We are all wise men on the way to the mosque, but we must stop for recreation to soothe ourselves and lighten our load. Our Turkish eskortlar service is like an elephant’s long trunk reaching out to men all over this planet. Our beautiful girls can tickle your hiyar from London to Munich, from Paris to Oslo and many places in-between. Bringing Turkish delight escorts to all of Europe is our mission and we will not be beaten on fabulous prices too.

Some girls come wrapped in a rug like Cleopatra for Caesar; and these Turkish rugs are of a superior weave. None of your cheap Chinese knock-offs here my friend. With this package you get beautiful Turkish girl, gorgeous rug and tasty pide too. You fuck woman on the rug and then together you eat; or you keep all pide for yourself and tell girl to go and piss off. But first you pay and then girl, rug, pide package arrive at your door. You are a king my friend, you are a Satrap with a harem of very mobile women. Turkish delight is now available for expat Turk in every city in every country across the EU. You not Turk, no matter you still can buy girl! Kahretsin your brains out and then come back for more; we will fly them in.


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