Top Ten Brothels Around the World

Welcome to our saucy compilation of the Top Ten Brothels Around the World. Here you will find the harems of the modern man, if you like; the place where the connoisseur of female flesh shops. These exclusive establishments are home to the oldest profession in the world, accounting and making money. Here in Istanbul, we have a very fine sex industry, bursting at the seams with juicy pussy. There are girls and boys, ripe for the plucking, and sucking like plums. Did you know that dried plums become prunes and that prunes are very good for keeping you regular? Anyway on with the show…

Top Ten Brothels Around the World

At numero uno is The Big Sister in Prague. Generally, most of us leave our big sisters alone in the bedroom department, unless, of course, we are an especially close family. At this joint in the Czech Republic, the sex is free, that’s right you don’t have to pay to have sex with the girls working as prostitutes here. Wait a minute, if they are not being paid by the customer to have sex, are they even prostitutes? What happens is that the folks at Big Sister secretly film you having sex and then beam it out to the world via cable TV. So this is more akin to reality TV really. Are you up to the task? Does your equipment measure up on the big screen?

Number Two is Nana in Bangkok, where you can hang out with Thai hookers in 40 bars over four floors. Officially called the Nana Entertainment Plaza, you negotiate with the girls directly and then get down at the Rock Hard, G-Spot and Lollipop.

Three is the Relax Nightclub in Hamburg, Germany, where amid lavish décor you can swan about pretending you’re at a masquerade ball. Erotic and classical, rather than fist pumpingly brutal.

Quattro is The Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada in the good ole USA. This is a spread, as they say around here, with lots of girls in trailer homes. White trash heaven, I suppose.

Five on the Richter Scale is Tiffany’s in Website, Australia, where the seriously wealthy like to go to sow their wild oats. Five terraces situated in the countryside offering a huge selection of women from all corners of the globe.

Sexy six is Centaurus in Rio, Brazil. An Olympic like appetite can be satisfied at this temple of voluptuous creatures. Here tall, tanned beauties strut their stuff and perform feats of unimagined gymnastic gyrations.

Seven is another Aussie hot establishment, buy a college paper online in Sydney. Cool and chic with some seriously stunning girls on their roster.

Eight is Canis, Alsace, France, where doggie style is the order of the day. Everyone here gets around on four legs, sans hands and feet and doesn’t wash much. So if smelly sex is your thing, then the pits and groins here smell to high heaven.

Nine is FKK Oase in Frankfurt, which is located in a forest and features Greco-Roman architecture and interiors. Classical sex in a classical locale.

Ten is the Bernds Sauna Club, Schieferhof, and this place makes a bit of splash in more ways than one. Recommended in summer for some fine crack and slit.